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Financial Assistance/Scholarship

Financial Assistance

Reduced Registration Fees

Players with proof of Medicaid coverage will be eligible to have their registration fees reduced by fifty percent (50%) upon providing proof of Medicaid coverage of the player to the registration manager at


Concession Stand/Opening Day Volunteering

There are opportunities to volunteer in both concession stands during the season as well as on opening day to receive relief of registration fees. Each night volunteered will result in a credit of $20 to reduce the registration fee. Families are required to book these opportunities with the concession manager in advance of the season. Opportunities will be available during the season as they come available and as approved by the concession manager.   Interested families should contact the concession manager at


Hardship Sponsorship Scholarships

Additional hardship scholarships are available upon request and will be considered on a case by case basis. The league solicits our generous sponsors each season for donations in an effort to help out a limited number of financial hardship cases. As a 501(c)3, South Lakeland Babe Ruth League wants to create an opportunity for every player in our community to be able to play baseball regardless of the family financial situation. Please contact the registration manager at if you feel that you are a potential candidate for a hardship scholarship for this season.

If you or your company wishes to donate to this cause, you can contact our sponsorship manager at or you can download our sponsorship form from our sponsorship page on the website.